DEET Causes Problems in Humans

A number of expats visiting and living in Mexico swear by DEET. Here are a few insights on DEET from respected experts.

DEET is a good chemical for protection against insects, but prolonged exposure results in neurological damage, and this is enhanced by other chemicals and medications.**
Bahie Abou-Donia of the Duke University Medical Center (Aug, 2009) . . . (cont)
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DEET Causes Problems in Humans

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5 Responses to DEET Causes Problems in Humans

  1. werwer says:

    Just a quick suggestion…I think you are publishing your blog articles as “pages” rather than as “posts,” which is why the nav bar at the top of the page is getting so crowded. It should contain just a few items, like “Site Purpose,” and then a list of your various categories. In the WordPress admin, you can set up a few general categories, then enter your articles as “posts,” and tag those posts under different categories. It will clean up the page, and make the template make a lot more sense.

  2. yucalandia says:

    Thanks. I’m totally new to this, so, I was unsure of how to structure things.
    If I do it the way you propose, will it create a long long list of serial posts – where the titles of only the 5 most recent posts appear.

    I would like a front page ( that shows the list of articles, both recent and past, and has only brief exerpts/abstracts of each article. If I enter them as nested pages, under category headings, then there seem to be no front page list, and there would be no tags for search engines to pick up (pages don’t have tags).

    I’m not resisting your suggestion, but just don’t know how to avoid the format of some sites where you have to plow through pages and pages of posts to get to the post you want to read vs. my preferred desire to scan a list of posts – read an abstract to see if I want to go further – and the go to the full article.

  3. Carlos says:

    Incognito anti-mosquito repellent has been proven to be more effective than DEET by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and it is 100% natural, thus safe to use on your skin.

  4. Rebecca says:

    incognito? where to purchase? we live in chetumal

  5. laura merrill says:

    Picaridin! it’s a very effective repellent without many of DEET’s nasty problems. I use a 7% spray on my horse’s sheath – without the repellent, he gets bitten there every summer by a mosquito to which he is very sensitive (swells up to the point where he looks like he got his testicles back). Cutter and other brands sell products which contain picaridin instead of DEET. It works on me, too, but I worry more about the horse!
    Don’t even try Avon skin so soft – double blind studies have shown it is ineffective at repelling mosquitoes. Some people will believe anything.

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