Economic Recovery? The US Role in Worldwide Stagnation

More bumpy economic weather ahead?


Why the Markets fell last week?

This seems to be a good time to evaluate/assess what’s going on, since we’ve now gotten a bunch of key 1’st half of 2010 data to evaluate.

US GDP estimates have been lowered from 3% down to 2.7% and the investment markets slid nastily last week. Why?
1. Mess in Greece: . . .
2. Cookie Jars Raided: . . .
3. Limited growth due to too much a) Debt and b) Remaining (hidden?) economic problems. . .
How deep are these holes? . . .
Congress & Obama’s biggest economic mistakes. . .
Financial Reform Bill. . .
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What do you-all think?

How does it tie in to Mexico and her economic future?
How does US/European stumbling affect Mexico and the economic futures for expats in Mexico?
Does a weaker US dollar mean a stronger Peso?
Are the brighter/stronger economies of Brasil, China, & India (11% – 12% projected 2010 growth) better indicators of Mexico’s economic future?
Is Mexico still (and inevitably?) in bed with the Elephant to the North?

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Full text of article can be read at:  (or access under Pesos, Politics, and Propaganda (see header) )
Economic Recovery? The US Role in Worldwide Stagnation

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1 Response to Economic Recovery? The US Role in Worldwide Stagnation

  1. Eric Chaffee says:

    Since gringos are widely out of work, they can’t buy “stuff” and that means the world will stop making and selling stuff. We are awash in excess capacity. The entire global financial system is beginning to tighten, all because greedy guys couldn’t get enough. (Making money with money as a mainstay is a sure sign that an empire is over.) The poor will not get poorer, because when you got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose. But the middle will feel it most, worldwide. Deflation sets in and lasts. The Fed should be audited, but Obama doesn’t have enough courage to do it. ~eric.

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