New 2014 Tax Laws for Mexico that Affect Expats

Nov. 29, 2013
Here’s a summary of changes in Mexican tax laws for 2014 that affect us foreigners.     This report comes from Lic. Spencer McMullen, a fine attorney in Jalisco, who specializes in legal issues affecting expats.   You can contact Lic. McMullen at Chapala Law.

For CURRENT details, see our master article on taxes at: IRS Tax Issues for Americans Living and Working Abroad in Mexico – Master Article

On 11/29/2013 Lic. McMullen reports:
“Very extensive reforms have been made to Mexico´s tax laws and have been finalized in November, 2013 and will become effective on January 1, 2014 ….

There are new IVA sales taxes.  . . .

Will anything change at customs (Aduana)?
Yes, temporary importation of certain goods will also start being taxed. … The mandatory use of customs agents for any value of goods to be imported has been eliminated.   . . .

What about new banking regulations?
Starting in 2007, there had been a tax on large cash deposits: 2% on the amounts of deposits exceeding $15,000 pesos, which was increased in 2010 to 3% on amounts exceeding 15,000 pesos.  . . .

Those taxes have now been eliminated. . . . Continue reading here.

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Full Article can be read at: New 2014 Tax Laws for Mexico that Affect Expats and Foreigners
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  1. Deb S. says:

    My provider just blocked this email on taxes, saying 3rd party was using to gain access to computer..anyone else..

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