Mexican Import Duties Changed for Chinese Goods – 2013 Update

Dec. 12, 2013:
Interested in Mexico’s rules for importing Chinese-made goods?

If you have read years of internet posts and web-forum accounts, you likely believe that Mexico has super-high duties (300% or more) on “Made in China” goods.    Fortunately,  this has not been true since 2012.   Current duties on Chinese goods now range from 0%  (on juicers) ,   to 5% on lighting ballasts,  to 30% on footware, pants, and sport shirts.

This also means that the years of internet-advice to scrape off the “Made in China” stickers is out-of-date.   *grin*

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Full Article can be read at: Mexican Import Duties Changed for Chinese Goods: 2007-2013

Interested in more details on importing things into Mexico? Read more at: What Can I Bring into Mexico: Mexican Customs Rules – The Article

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