Importing Cars into Mexico – Feb. 2014 Update

Feb. 2, 2014:
As the vehicle import agents at Nogales and Laredo say they currently are not able to permanently import autos, (due to problems with their amparo’s), instead Sonia Diaz of SMA continues to offer permanent import services (using paper-only process – no driving) for German cars, Swedish cars, Japanese cars (not Korean), and NAFTA vehicles. She offers this email address: and cell: 044-415-106-1499, but “email works best.” She is currently processing permanent imports for vehicles from 14 different locations/clients from Cozumel to Zihuatenejo. She offers a written full money-back guarantee if not successful.  Details at:  Nationalizing Vehicles Into Mexico , especially post #4.

Details on the Nogales and Laredo agents’ problems can be found at: Possible Change in Aduana Rules for Importing Cars

Please write in with your 2014 experiences.

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2 Responses to Importing Cars into Mexico – Feb. 2014 Update

  1. Jim says:

    fk Mexico…they want our $$ but demand conditions…they b#%@h about the treatment of Illegal Mexicans here in the U.S.A and demand that we should pay for all there needs….MX can go to hell…

    • yucalandia says:

      Hey Jim,
      Consider a few facts:

      US Taxpayers pay $4 billion a year to dump artificially cheap corn onto Mexican markets at prices that are both:
      ~ below-market prices and
      ~ below production costs.

      American taxpayers have spent over $80 billion on just NAFTA corn subsidies to ruin over 1.5 million Mexican family farms.

      You and other American taxpayers have paid over $110 billion (since 1993) in NAFTA subsidies to US businesses – to fill the coffers of American big agribusiness (Cargill, ADM, et al) corporations to ruin the lives over 7 million rural Mexicans who USED to live in centuries-old farm communities.

      Over $100 billion of your tax dollars directly ruined 7 million Mexicans in farm communities, and forced them to migrate.

      Use your voice … and your energy… to tell US Businesses to stand on your own 2 feet.

      Tell them: “Stop taking the $861 billion a year of corporate welfare that you raid from the US Treasury.

      Free Markets and Free Trade do not exist when the US businesses take $100’s billions annually in government subsidies and government welfare.

      Go with the facts, and ignore the Tea Party Billionaire’s hype.

      Tea Party Billionaires get ordinary honest people to flog slick “patriotic” messages, that only build them ever-larger un-earned hoards.


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