The New CFE Cards and Listening to your Inner Curmudgeon

Feb. 27, 2014
I stopped by the CFE office on Reforma and Avenida Colon yesterday to check our balance on our apartments and noticed something new: The CFE “Automatic Teller” machine has a new option in its menu for accessing your account. You can now use your new “CFE card” to enter your meter information and get your balance.

~ “Pago Programado” ~ Sounds cool, huh?

Electronic cards, like credit cards, are obviously always more cool than old junk like paper-statements, paper cash, and coins.

Computers and electronics always make our lives better, faster, cheaper,     no?

Still, my inner codger hesitated. … continue reading here

Full Article can be read at: New CFE Cards (Listening to your Inner Curmudgeon)
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5 Responses to The New CFE Cards and Listening to your Inner Curmudgeon

  1. dang, and so why aren’t we all running to get our cfe card? thanks! always a fountain of information, and most of it good!

  2. YIKES! How can they even expect this system to work? Is it possible to opt out if we live out of town for half the year?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Eric,
      Yes, but you have to file a formal letter with CFE requesting the change.

      El Horizonte reports:
      “… office workers placed a sheet on the door where they were informed about the requirements that users need to cancel:
      1. A letter explaining your reasons why you are canceling the smart card system, including your name, address and municipality.
      2. A copy of the voter card, and
      3. The smart card given to you for the smart payment.”

      Hope this helps,

      The cancellation will be reflected in the next two months and has no cost.

  3. princesanancy2012 says:

    I only wonder how long before “option” becomes mandatory. Let’s enjoy our freedom to choose while we can.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Nancy,
      CFE’s websites insist that it is optional, and since so many ordinary Mexicans are already complaining publicly that the program is “Molestos y decepcionados” , I really don’t think it will become mandatory. (but who knows… TIM)

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