Useful Mexican Websites : A Starting Point

Nov. 10, 2014 Update
Want to import your Mexican car into the USA?  Here’s the CBP link that describes the hows and whys:,-car-or-motorcycle-in-the-u.s.-with

August 30, 2014 Update
Items prohibited for shipping into Mexico and items prohibited for shipping inside Mexico:

Lost your Curp? ~ Not sure you have a CURP? ~

Check your CURP number:
and print an official copy.

Aduana VIN and Pedimento Checker (to see if a car was successfully imported): CONSULTA RÁPIDA DE PEDIMENTO ESPECÍFICO

SEGOB’s auto permit checker:

SAT’s website VIN checker:

Help with TIP problems, Aduana DF:   Lic. Karen Villaseñor   01-55-5802-0000 x46889  Administracion Central — 01-55-5802-2069

Aduana/SAT’s “Reference Values” for used cars:

Mexican Govt’s official VIN Checker with import duties:

SAT information for importing Classic Cars:

The Banjercito website for checking deposit costs for Temporarily Imported Permits for cars.

SAT/Aduana Operations Manual for Temporarily Imported Vehicles, page 45, Sec. 17-17.4 “Manual Importacion de Vehiculos”

SAT Vehicle TIP Permit Checker

Aduana Letter to Carry In the Car If Your TIP was Issued before June 11, 2011

Retorno Seguro Permits:  “Safely Returning Autos to the USA”

Ley Aduanera:  Dec. 9, 2013

Aduana/SAT website for Permanent auto imports:  Importaciones definitivas de automóvilies usuados

Aduana/SAT website for Temporary auto imports: Importación temporal de vehículos

What Happens if Your Foreign Plated Car is Stolen? … …. SURPRISE ! @#%&***!!

Unexpected Effects of Having a Trailer with Your Car’s Temporary Import Permit (TIP)

SAT -Directory of Banjercito Locations for Importing Cars

Map of Aduanas del Pais   to get current contact information for ALL Aduana offices across Mexico.

…. and that’s all for today.

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4 Responses to Useful Mexican Websites : A Starting Point

  1. MeridaGOround says:

    Ever willing to reveal my ignorance, I’ll bite: What is CURP? (And why should I type my details into those fields?)

    • yucalandia says:

      CURP is the Mexican sort-of-equivalent of a US Social Security number. It is a general purpose ID number issued by the Mex. Gob: needed for IMSS registration, or for retirement plans, or for little kids to attend school, etc.

      Check your INM visa. Some have them printed on the residente card, others do not. The state Registro Civil offices issue them for Mexicans, while gringos get theirs from INM (for the past 4 years).

      Why would you need/want one? If you go to get an RFC (to earn money here in Mexico, pay taxes or start a business), you have to give SAT/Hacienda your CURP (plus other docs).

  2. kristen says:

    hello, my name is kristen. i have been online looking for 2 friends of mine, emily and ryan (newie). they should be in the merida/yucatan area looking for me too. if you’ve heard of anything at all or know of someone who meets a lot of people passing through, please drop me a line and let me know…
    anything at all would help.
    thanks so much for your time,

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