Howler Monkeys of Calakmul

Dec. 5, 2014
Howler Monkeys gone Wild
Calakmul world heritage site Maya ruins and Biosfera reserve treated Yucatan Bill,  me, and about 20 totally clueless tourists to a battle royale for dominance of a 12 member Howler Monkey pack. We had watched the pack resting and lounging-about in the distance about 2 hours earlier ~ the first howler monkeys in the wild Bill and I had ever seen ~ never expecting what was just over the horizon.

A free-for-all pitched battle started right in front of the Big Pyramid (Estructura #2) – when a big strong #2 male challenged #1, for Leader of the Pack… Estructura #2 Calakmul 2014in the treetops, right next to the bottom set of stairs in this foto.

A wild battle raged for over 20 minutes … 4 big male howler monkeys thrashing and crashing around the top of the jungle canopy, jockeying for position, slashing at each other’s flanks with nasty canines , as the majority remainder of the troop of Howler spectators (6-8 others) ~ hooted, howled and roared – and watched for a winner.

Continue reading the full article at:  Howler Monkeys Gone Wild ! Calakmul 2014

Here are a few of Bill Drennon’s exceptional fotos …
Note that these fotos are the personal property of William Drennon, fully copyrighted, and are NOT permitted for use without Mr. Drennon’s prior approval.

Howler Monkey #2 – “The Usurper” issues a challenge to #1, the Leader of the Pack. ©William Drennon


The Leader of the Pack replies … ©William Drennon


Full Article can be seen at:
Full article at: Howler Monkeys Gone Wild ! Calakmul 2014

YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan. ©Steven M. Fry – no copying permitted this time.
Text and Captions by ©Steven M. Fry and Fotos by ©William Drennon

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1 Response to Howler Monkeys of Calakmul

  1. Dave Grundy says:

    Excellent article…Thanks!!!

    It’s nice to see “Wild Bill” is still doing what he loves to do…Explore and document his explorations.

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