2016 Traveller’s Alert for Americans Flying Inside the USA

Sept. 22, 2015

Under TSA’s upcoming Phase 4 of the Bush-Cheney 2005 “REAL ID” program, in 2016 some state’s driver’s licenses will no longer qualify Americans to board a domestic US flight. …  Flyers who want guaranteed access to their 2016 domestic flights should use their passports to meet the new TSA requirements.**

For example,  New York State standard drivers licenses do not meet the Bush-Cheney prescribed 2016 Homeland Security standards for approved Federal Identifications.  New Yorkers can pay an additional $30 for a new “enhanced” level NY state drivers license  (officially called an “EDL” for US states ) … or just bring your passport.

Pittsburgh International Airport November 24, 2010.


**Security Sidelights:   TSA security checks have stopped 0 (zero) terrorist attacks since Bush-Cheney created a whole new Fed. Govt. Agency:  Homeland Security  … Meanwhile on the real security front … Over 400 TSA employees have been convicted of crimes involving thefts of passenger’s goods, organized sexually assaulting passengers etc.
=> improved security ?

TSA’s troubling sub-culture of law-breaking is exemplified by a single TSA employee stealing over $800,000 of goods & cash from various passengers’ luggage …   *sigh*

(a very real problem for people like us who’ve had our luggage raided by TSA employees during “secure” baggage handling & “security” inspections …)



* * * *

Feel free to copy with proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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2 Responses to 2016 Traveller’s Alert for Americans Flying Inside the USA

  1. sdibaja says:

    they should cut to the chase and require wrist tattoos

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