US Travel ID Rules Changing for both Passports & Drivers Licenses

April 26, 2017

The USA’s 2005 REAL ID Act is being implemented now, and will be coming into full force in January 2018. The core of the US REAL ID Act set federal security new standards for state driver’s licenses that require machine-readable technology et al that make state’s traditional Drivers Licenses inadequate for flying on both US domestic & international flights. …  As a result, travelers using older state IDs may be turned away at the gate during 2017, if their state does adjust to the new standards or have an formal extension.   Further, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that after 2020, absolutely all travelers on U.S. domestic flights must comply with the REAL ID Act. reported on this last year here:

2016 Traveller’s Alert for Americans Flying Inside the USA

but the details of US Govt. policies on the new US passports continue to change ~ as documented at this US Govt website on REAL ID’s:

Current Map of US State IDs that Pass or Fail the 2005 REAL ID Act requirements:

Planning to use your passport for domestic & international air travel?
The US State Department is changing our passport’s technology & changing passport application requirements.  For example, glasses are no longer allowed in passport photos.   Order your passport early:  In addition to the complications of many countries ‘6 Month Validity Rule’ (see below),  consider also that the US State Department is expecting to require longer times (minimum 6 to 8 week delays) to process passport applications in 2017 – 2018.

6 Month Validity Rule:
Next, consider another peripheral consequence of Trump’s feuding with Europe over immigration issues:   Almost all European nations have adopted a 6-month validity rule that say they can deny entry to Americans who arrive with a passport that expires in the next 6 months.

Here’s the official link of where to order your passport:

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