Updated News on Antiparasitic Treatment Rules for Pets Entering Mexico

As of Dec 2019, the USDA has announced that

Full Details here:
New Rules for Bringing Personal Pets into Mexico

Here’s a short summary:

“Effective 12/16/2019: A health certificate for dogs and cats is no longer needed to enter Mexico. Dogs and cats may be taken to the border without health certificate documentation, they will be inspected by SENASICA upon arrival. Please follow the guidance on this page. ”

Notice that Mexico has different requirements for Birds, Ferrets, and Other Pets.  Please see this USDA website for details: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/by-country/pettravel-mexico


Surviving Yucatan

February 10, 2017

Public Service Announcement:
Our helpful readers continue to update us all on what rule enforcement changes are taking place around Mexico.

New Enforcement of Regulation re: Bringing Dogs into Mexico via Air

Airport officials at the airport in Puerto Vallarta are enforcing a regulation requiring dogs ( not sure about cats) require the following:
PRIOR to arrival, your dog must have be treated against internal and external parasites by a licensed veterinarian and the products used must be reflected on the health certificate.

Dogs must also have been treated for ticks shortly prior to entering the country. ”

This seems pretty self explanatory.

We’d appreciate hearing from readers if this change is being enforced nationwide.

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