Is Your PEMEX Station Pumping the Correct Amounts of Gasoline ?

March 4, 2017

Public Service Announcement:
Want to know whether your favorite PEMEX station is delivering the amount of gasoline or LP you are paying for? …  Check out this map …. e.g.  zoom in ~keeping Merida in the center of the page ~ to see the status of your favorite PEMEX franchise.

Specifically Check the color of dot for your favorite stations:  Passed (Green), Refused to participate (Yellow), Failed (Red) , or Not Participated (purple) … in simple testing to check whether the Litros of Gasoline (or kg of propane) displayed by the station pumps match the actual amounts delivered.
AMARILLO: se negaron
MORADO: no los han verificado
ROJO: los sancionaron
VERDE: pasaron

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5 Responses to Is Your PEMEX Station Pumping the Correct Amounts of Gasoline ?

  1. Meir Gershenson says:

    Friend of mine works at an Israeli company which produce gas station equipments. They have contracts all around the world. When they negotiate a contract with Mexico, the mexican insist that they allow them to rig the meter. The company refuse to sell the equipments. Nobody around the world had such a demand.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Meir,
      That makes perfect sense.

      The gasoline pump’s circuit boards are the part that are rigged, to allow the franchise owner to change the programming of the board to deliver ‘short liters‘ at all volumes, except for the volumes around the standard amounts used by inspectors to check~test the accuracy of the pumps.

      In Mexico, the auditors~inspectors use standard 20L containers to verify that the pump is working properly. If the franchise owner is smart, he adjusts the gasoline pump’s circuit board programs to deliver exactly 20L … and 40L … and amounts~volumes close to those 2 standard~test quantities … but the other amounts pumped by the same ‘modified’ gasoline pumps are all shorted by 2% – 10% (or more if the franchise owner is stupid~greedy).

      As USA & California gasoline station owners found, they can short-pump 2% -3% for decades, and the customers cannot tell the difference that they are being robbed.


  2. Interesting. Thanks for the link.

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  4. Mexico Guys says:

    some good news, ULSD disel is now availableat 3200 stations and will be uiniversal by end of 2018. Go to for information

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