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Things that happen when we’re bored

February 16, 2017 Affect ~  A verb: “The cold weather really affects me.” Effect ~ A noun: “Dry coughs are one effect of cold weather .” Ensure – To make sure, like a guarantee Insure – Always used as insurance … Continue reading

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Zika Virus Transmission by Saliva, Urination & Intercourse (Bodily Fluids)

February 15, 2017 Got Zika? Think you might have Zika…? This is very important, because Zika, Dengue & Chikungunya virus infections share most of the same symptoms.** Consider how Zika persists & is transmitted by bodily fluids – as long … Continue reading

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15 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Mexico

Every once in a while,   someone puts together a great piece in their blog. This is one of those times. Jim Foreman, of The Mexican Insurance has put together a real doozy (Duesenberg)…  … With FULL CREDIT TO … Continue reading

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Updated Antiparasitic Treatment Rules for Pets Entering Mexico

February 10, 2017 Public Service Announcement: Our helpful readers continue to update us all on what rule enforcement changes are taking place around Mexico. “New Enforcement of Regulation re: Bringing Dogs into Mexico via Air Airport officials at the airport … Continue reading

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Mexico Waives All Duties on Electric Vehicle Imports

Feb 4  The ever-reliable Aaron of Mexconnect (and electric car enthusiast) offers this good update: ” Effective today, Feb. 3,   the Mexican government is now waiving all duties on electric car imports and imports of unspecified repair parts for … Continue reading

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Mexican Holidays … Banks … and our In-Home Workers

Feb 4 Public Service Announcement: To help our readers follow the law … and to be respectful of  ~our~   In*Home workers,   know that Monday Feb 6, is a national holiday … Constitution Day ! Each Employer first decides … Continue reading

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