Zika Virus Transmission by Saliva, Urination & Intercourse (Bodily Fluids)

February 15, 2017

Got Zika?

Think you might have Zika…?

This is very important, because Zika, Dengue & Chikungunya virus infections share most of the same symptoms.**

Consider how Zika persists & is transmitted by bodily fluids – as long as 80 days.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that some patients showed Zika virus in serum (blood)  as long as 54 days … while some patients had no ZIKA virus in blood samples after 14 days.

Other patients showed Zika in urine for up to 39 days,   while others had no Zika in urine after just 8 days

Semen results were most troubling,  showing some patients had Zika Virus present up to 80 days after infections … while the fastest Zika virus clearance was in … ~ 34 days ~


See our main article on Zika, Dengue & Chikungunya at:

** Chikungunya, Zika & Dengue Virus Information

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