A Snapshot of America…

The real America…


Whom do you stand with ?

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11 Responses to A Snapshot of America…

  1. yucalandia says:

    … as some naively believe the US Constitution protects Free Assembly …

  2. yucalandia says:

    “… “elite-bots bouncing off her shield of radiant virtue…”
    Stan Wolf

  3. norm says:

    The crazy man in Dallas was just as crazy as the one in Orlando and just as crazy as any mass shooter before, crazy. One in ten is a bit nuts, we’re lucky there are not more mass shootings. I mean we make it so easy.

    The police get 51% standing in court. Do they abuse that legal principle? Some do, most don’t but that 51% should include a much higher standard of accountability that we currently demand for that extra one percent. We hold most professionals to a much higher standard than the general public, a truck driver is DUI at 0.002% whereas regular folk are ticketed at 0.008% and that is when they are driving anything, not just their truck. Teachers can get fired for just about anything, contrary to what the media would have us believe.

    I had a young friend suffer a seizure in a drive thru line a few weeks ago, the auto went for a ride on its own. The policeman who arrived on the scene was bitten by my young friend during the seizure. The policeman hit him so hard on the temple that it raised an inch high lump. Justified? I was not there but I have to wonder. I’m glad he did not shoot him.

    I remember the late 60s, every racially mixed high school in our area had race riots . We have come a long way but we are not there yet. We elected a half white president twice, that would have been laughable in 68. Every one of my racist friends voted against Obama yet he was able to win going away both times. My bigoted friends do not wear the blue so it is not a big deal if they are idiots but those that wear the blue need to get their heads right or find a new line of work

    • yucalandia says:

      Hey Guy,
      All good good stuff.

      I miss you… when are you coming down?

      • norm says:

        I hope to visit Yucatan next winter or the year after, it depends on my parent’s health. My Dad needs my help right now. I stayed home last winter. I’m looking at 4×4 SUVs that are old but low millage. It is hard to find a good one here in Ohio with the salt they use on the roads. I want to pull down a day sailer and look Yucatan’s west coast over, maybe do a bit of sailing down at Bacalar and Chetumal bay. Isla Arena would make a nice base for day sailing on Yucatan’s west coast. (Have you been out there? It’s really building up. )

        I’d like to get into some of the more remote ruins in the southern part of the peninsula, Hence the need for a 4×4. What I’ve found, is that even if I rent a good solid 4×4, the brush and what not along the path is so tight that I’m afraid of tearing off the paint job on the rental. I hate turning around because I’m afraid to scratch the paint. Now afraid of getting stuck? I can live with that. All part of the adventure.

        What kind of irons do you have in the fire?

  4. yucalandia says:

    … for people with a lot of courage.. watch this …
    with particularly challenging segments at 3 minutes in… 4 & 7 minutes…

    it’s tough to watch … and absorb… the whole thing…

  5. norm says:

    The video was standard fare in my Ed and Society classes when I was studying to be a teacher, early 90s. The best folks to talk this concept through with are the Africans who came over as adults.

  6. I stand with the cops. What’s going on in that photo anyway? Some sort of ballet?

  7. A police state is a scary prospect; and I fear it is upon us. Even the cops in tiny, remote jurisdictions are being given military population-control gear, armored personnel carriers, etc. The one-percent want to lock down the populace, and keep everybody subservient to their agenda of low wages and obscene profits. This is the fruit of inequality. There is evidence that the USAF sent counter-intelligence operatives into Occupy Wall Street to generate suspicion and disruption. We have lost our republic.

    But we do need safety officers, of course; and people need jobs, which are scarce. So we have plenty of troops willing to control the crowds. But the elephant in the room is the BLUE WALL OF SILENCE which keeps bad cops, racist cops, from being turned out of service. Only by demolishing this wall will we be safe. And the prospect seems remote.

    Where do I stand? In Merida (for much of the year)! If that sounds cowardly, I confess.

  8. Here’s some perspective, offered by a black former-officer: http://www.vox.com/2015/5/28/8661977/race-police-officer

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