“REAL” ID, Passport or US Military ID Needed for US Domestic Flights

Updated January, 2020:
US TSA just announced ALL US CITIZENS must provide either a valid “REAL ID” **, passport, or Military ID … by October, 2020 … to be able to fly on any US domestic flight  … regardless of your home State.

** https://www.tsa.gov/real-id

Per the USA’s “Real ID Act” …. One must use either a passport … or officially approved “Enhanced ID” … to take a US flight…
In other words …if your USA driver’s license does NOT have a gold or black star on the front of the license … then you are generally NOT “good to go” – and NEED to use a Passport.
Notice that to make it more confusing, a few states have issued REAL ID Act compliant IDs … without a star => Hawaii, Ohio, Tennessee, and Utah  have compliant Driver’s licenses, without a star.


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6 Responses to “REAL” ID, Passport or US Military ID Needed for US Domestic Flights

  1. sdibaja says:

    defund the TSA… worthless agency

    • yucalandia says:

      Awww… C’mon ….

      They only had 450 TSA ’employees’ prosecuted for criminal acts … creating the odd situation where TSA employees have committed far more harmful criminal acts ~than they have stopped~ .

      … and … Every year since their creation, when our real police (the Air Marshals) go under-cover, and attempt to smuggle guns & big knives through the TSA Checkpoints – the TSA Keystone-Cops fail to detect the weapons over 90% of the time … allowing 2 decades of nasty illegal weapons through their supposed checks…

  2. norm says:

    Last time I renewed my regular passport, I paid extra to get a credit card size passport card to have in my wallet. I used that card, my last 1099 and some utility bills, (how Mexico is that?), to get my ‘real id’.

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