One Way Ticket Problems for US Travel and Entering Mexico

October 17, 2019

The question of “open-jawed” ONE-WAY tickets for coming into Mexico, or traveling through USA airports … keeps cropping up on internet & travel forums.

Any airline clerk MIGHT & sometimes-do challenge your right to fly (or to continue flying) into Mexico, when you only have a 1 way ticket. … This is an especially BIG problem for foreigners traveling to Mexico on itineraries that include layovers or stops & plane changes in the USA.     It’s no fun when an airline clerk (or TSA scanner or Immigration agent) sends you back ‘home’, just because you don’t have a paid ticket for a return flight.

The USA, including USCIS immigration authorities & CBP also do sometimes seriously hassle, delay, and even detain some foreigners flying on just one-way tickets.  Sadly, the TSA screeners, CBP agents, ICE cops & Immigration agents even deny some onward-travel, and forcibly put people on flights back to their origination-airport.  …

Use a company that simply creates a temporary return ticket, that gives you valid proof of onward travel. …Example: consider They’re a travel agency that books you a 100% real flight ticket that is valid for 48 hours.

Instead of paying the full price for the ticket, you only pay a $12 service fee. 😉

If you get hung up at an airport,  or at a TSA screening post … or with USCIS-CBP … It takes less than 5 minutes to create a fully legal, legitimate “return ticket”. 😉

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8 Responses to One Way Ticket Problems for US Travel and Entering Mexico

  1. Steve Cotton says:

    I have heard people mention this on several forums. I have no idea of others’ experiences, but I regularly fly in and out of Mexico to and from a mixture of countries. I never fly with a round-trip ticket — not even an open one. I wonder why my experience is different than the people you have talked with?

    • Karen Dermody says:

      I do as well – I’ve never had any issue leaving the US or going into Mexico, but this just happened to me when I checked into my Delta flight last week heading for Cabo. I always fly on one way too because I’m continuously traveling to various places. Luckily I had an outgoing flight with a different airline already booked at that point and was able to find the info.

  2. Rob Robbins says:

    You have to have an exit plan in Costa Rica but I have never
    had a problem in Mexico and I travel there A LOT. I never go to the ticket counter. Always travel carry-on and check-in online but I travel out of Tijuana so it may be different from LAX or other US airports.

  3. Mike Mayo says:

    Hey Steve,

    You still have any antennas on your roof you want to get rid of?

    [Mike Mayo Signature Outlook]

  4. Mary Ann Wentworth says:

    Hi Steve, Would you please give me the name and contact information for the lawyer you always recommend. Thank you MaryAnn in Campeche

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