Foreigners Must Carry Their INM Visas When Travelling Inside Mexico

Oct 1, 2021
The Mexican Government has always required foreigners to carry their Residente visa cards (Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente cards) when traveling around Mexico, while foreign visitor-tourists carry both their passports and their Visitante Visa (the half of the FMM form), when travelling inside Mexico. In the past these rules have only been sporadically enforced, but all that has changed as a part of Mexico’s efforts to stop illegal immigrants from crossing Mexico to enter the USA.

As a result of the new enforcement program, many bus travelers this past week have been required to show their passports & Mexican-issued visas as they get off the bus inside Mexico.

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Oct. 25 Update: Now some police are checking IDs of USA-nians riding in Mexican’s cars – including calling in to INM to check the foreigner’s INM records & status:

Just got out of immigration jail. I was caught Ina police checkpoint while traveling in a Mexican plated car with 2 other Mexicans. Didn’t have my documents on me but they called my information in and saw I overstayed by 2 months. I spent 4 days in the detention center and it sucked no running water for bathrooms or showers only when they feel like turning it on so it reeked of shit. Lots of people I was the only American though. 2 4 minute phone calls twice a week. And being locked in a jail cell. I was lucky to avoid deportation by getting the option to buy my ticket home and I will have no penalties for return. But be careful if you are overstaying lots of people in there from the ado bus in merida and even taxis. They can hold you for up to 16 days and it really sucks there. I was a few weeks away from paying for my temp residency but they wouldn’t let me do it there I have to leave and come back. The immigration lfficals in the street also would not take a bribe tried bribing up to 10 mil and it was turned down. Stay safe guys and play by the rules if you can cause the jail sucks and they treat you like you murdered somebody. “

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ADO offers this specific warning – advice:
“To all our travelers:
Based on the request of the various state and federal authorities and the National Institute of Migration (INM), in the face of this extraordinary situation of migratory flow that the country is currently going through, we want to inform you that as of October 1, In 2021, the protocol for the presentation of official identification will be implemented in the sale and boarding of the trip. As well as a document that proves the immigration status in the country, for those of foreign nationality. In advance, we offer an apology to all our travelers for the inconvenience that this may cause, recognizing our commitment to always comply with what is requested by the Mexican authorities. In case of any doubt about the immigration documents authorized for foreigners, we recommend contacting the National Migration Institute.”

For doubters … Yes, the threat of jail time is real, as one of Mexico News Daily’s reporters has recently spent 4 nights in jail (Oct 3 – Oct7, 2021) for not carrying his passport as he travelled around Mexico. It appears that the MND writer is not here on a Resident Visa – so he should carry both the 1/2 of the FMM form plus his passport, while Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente visa holders supposedly need to carry only their RT card (no passport needcd). Sadly, MND does not report this key detail.

Travel safe, Travel well, and Keep following our laws …

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4 Responses to Foreigners Must Carry Their INM Visas When Travelling Inside Mexico

  1. Shirley says:

    Could you tell me your source of information on the carrying of passports and visas at all times for tourists? Is it only for getting on the bus, or are there random checks? I write for a newsletter in Akumal and we’d like to offer the information, but need verification. Thanks.

    • yucalandia says:

      All of the above.

      We’ve had 1’st person reports of Mexican cars being driven by Mexicansbeing stopped at retenes – and the cops checked the gringo passenger’s ID … and put them in jail for up to 4 days – for not carrying their passport & FMM card.

  2. Sherri Siegel says:

    My Temporary Resident card expires Nov. 13. Does this mean I need to leave Mx. on Nov. 12 or Nov. 13?? It’s splitting hairs but I want to be totally legal.

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