January 2022 COVID Update for Yucatan

Jan 23, 2022

84, then 481, then 1,463, then 2,952, and now 5,478 …*

Next: 1 out of 31**

… Finally, What to do about the worst spike ever.***

*That’s the sequence of WEEKLY official Yucatan Govt. confirmed COVID cases, starting with 84 for the week ending Dec. 15, then 481, then 1,463, then 2,952, and now 5,478 for the week ending Jan 22, 2022.

This sequence of “official” confirmed weekly COVID cases for Yucatan is a bit intimidating … because it says we have not yet seen the peak of Yucatan cases.

Next, sadly … according to Yucatan’s Dept of Health test reports, the big majority of the new cases this past month have been DELTA … not Omicron – as Yucatan’s hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients, as even Clinica de Merida is turning sick patients away.

Now consider the number of COVID cases that are not ever tested & not reported. Using scientifically accepted methods, (see link below), the latest data indicates that Yucatan is under-reporting COVID cases by an artificial factor of 12X overall fewer “reported” COVID cases, than the actual number of COVID cases.

This means that instead of Yucatan’s 6,000 “official” new COVID cases last week, there were likely just over 70,000 actual Yucatan COVID cases … which has overwhelmed the hospitals.

**1 out of 31 Yucatecans with COVID:
70,000 likely actual COVID cases last week means that out of a population of 2.2 million Yucatecans … 1 out of every 31 Yucatecans you meet … likely have COVID.

***Yucatan is going through it’s worst COVID spike ever.
This shocking reality reinforces the last 2 yrs of top scientist’s advice that we must throw away all the cloth masks now … and continue instead to wear only tight-fitting medical grade N95 or better masks when outside our homes … and keep at least 8 feet of Social distancing around others when you have your masks off for drinking or eating.


Get vaccinated … Get Boosted … Wear your masks, every time

… and Socially Distance by 8 ft when indoors with masks off.

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** “Fully Vaccinated” means:



Get educated, Stay informed, Stay healthy, Stay safe,

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment

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