Places to Go to Enjoy the Best of Yucatan … To See How Things Are Made

Jan. 5, 2022:
Looking for something new to do, or a place to go, that’s not on typical tourist agendas?

aka … Where to Go … Fun Places Around Yucatan …
~ where local people specialize in making some fun products ~

Here’s a quick list:
Tikit for the best in guyaberas …

Tixkokob for the best in hamacas (hammocks)

Leffty Caminos, in Merida is the place to go to watch them make the best in hierro artistico & cast aluminum products, Merida, near the Cohete glorieta:

X’Mexil*: A little village on the way to Valladolid that specializes in making-forging steel tools … where you can watch them hand-forge steel into axes, hatchets, machetes, etc.  
*X’Mexil: Go to Yokdzonot (west of Chichen on the Libre), turn south to the tourist cenote they have there and keep going until the road ends.

plus … Ticul for superb ceramics and for shoes …

plus … Temozón for superb wood furniture AND FABULOUS cured hams and bacons …

plus … Okutzcab for honey & great citrus fruits…

plus … Santa Helena for honey …

plus … Dzitya for artistic stone-work, stone-statues, etc

plus … Muna for the best in classic Maya ceramics & museum quality art pieces => by the families of Patricia Martin & Rodrigo Martin … 😉

plus Bekal … (Campeche) … for superb ‘Panama’ hats !

and …. ___________ (fill in the blank) … or post a comment below, with your Go-To place!


Happy Trails

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2 Responses to Places to Go to Enjoy the Best of Yucatan … To See How Things Are Made

  1. ~eric. says:

    There is a custom cobbler in Merida who makes shoes to order. Alicia Gamboa @ B&G (c.43 between 54 y 52) has a lovely studio. She studied in Switzerland and does very stylish work.

  2. Emilie says:

    What a lot there is in the area! I surely hope to visit one day.

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