Time to Arrive Early for International Flights ~ Merida, Mexico

Merida Airport News Updates for International Flyers:
March 10, 2018

Time to arrive at Merida’s airport (MID) ~ MORE ~ than an hour before flight departure times !
Due to US HOMELAND SECURITY ~ TSA REQUIREMENTS … our Merida airport’s security services are requiring that at ALL CHECKED BAGS be submitted more than 1 HOUR before INTERNATIONAL flight’s departure times.
Friends booked out on the 6:30 AM Houston flight this week arrived at 5:35 AM … to find they were denied the chance to check any bags, due to the rule changes.
Yes, she missed her flight.


We’ll continue to report updates, as things change.

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5 Responses to Time to Arrive Early for International Flights ~ Merida, Mexico

  1. Chuck Friedman says:

    Any idea if this 1 hour regulation is being as strictly enforced at BJX (Leon) and QRO (Queretaro)?

  2. norm says:

    The one hour before requirement is cast in stone here in Ohio. They want us at the airport two hours before for international flights but that is just a suggestion. Hey, it’s not their time after all.

  3. Terri says:

    I recall the standard for arrival times for international departures to be three hours ahead of the scheduled flight, and not two hours. That has been the standard for years. Three hours usually is too soon to arrive, and one sits around the airport waiting for their flight, but at least they aren’t denied boarding their scheduled flight. Better safe than sorry.

  4. First Last says:

    I can not conceive of even entertaining checking in less than two hours for an international flight. Even domestic carriers in the US suggest a minimum of one hour for checked luggage.

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