Super Immunity to All Forms of COVID from Hybrid Vaccination Approach

September 10, 2021

While non-scientist Medical doctors and so many AS SEEN ON TV doctors keep talking about finding finding some magical breakthrough “new vaccine” or new COVID treatment that will stop COVID in the future, it turns out the answer has already happened, right under non-scientist Medical doctor’s noses.

“Super Immunity” … Now:
Top virologists have recently reported that when a person is infected first by the whole COVID coronavirus, followed by getting a highly-targeted m-RNA vaccine (only Pfizer or Modernavac), then those patients are showing super immunity to ALL forms of SARS viruses – and ALL COVID-19 strains due to hybrid immunity that creates a broad spectrum of very powerful antibodies, suites of different antibodies that are not possible with just Pfizer, Moderna vac**, not from JnJ (Janssen), or Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccines.

Based on the science behind antibody production, smart scientists have already been using this approach since last March, 2021 – by first taking a vaccine that has the whole – entire Coronavirus COVID-19 virus in the vaccine (an adenovirus-based vaccine like Sinovac) given first, which gives the patient one big group of general antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, followed by getting a second set of Pfizer or Modernavac m-RNA’s highly targeted little tiny pieces of Spike protein of the Coronavirus, creates a special combination of “very powerful” hybrid immunity that currently kills off all ALL variants of COVID.

Plus this special hybrid immunity from combining the our immune response from being exposed to the whole SARS virus, followed by the targeted immunity triggered by a Pfizer vac or Moderna vac pair of injections, gives a broad “impressively potent”  – “bullet-proof” immune protection to all forms of SARS, including even the old SARS-CoV-1 from 2003 – which points to strong future immunity to even new variants of COVID-19.

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Specific comments by top scientists:
“One could reasonably predict that these people will be quite well protected against most — and perhaps all of — the SARS-CoV-2 variants that we are likely to see in the foreseeable future,” says Paul Bieniasz, a virologist at Rockefeller University who helped lead several of the studies.

In a study published online last month, Bieniasz and his colleagues found antibodies in these individuals that can strongly neutralize the six variants of concern tested, including delta and beta, as well as several other viruses related to SARS-CoV-2, including one in bats, two in pangolins and the one that caused the first coronavirus pandemic, SARS-CoV-1.

**Final Notes:
1. Neither the background science nor real world scientific testing results show any indication that getting a third “booster” dose of the vaccines give the “super immunity” very strong hybrid-antibody protection created by being exposed to the combination of the entire SARS virus followed by two doses of Moderna vac or Pfizer vac doses.

2. Neither the background science nor real world scientific testing results show any indication that getting the Oxford-Astra Zeneca nor JnJ vaccines (that have low 56% – 65% efficacy), give any special protection, because the AstraZeneca & JnJ vaccines are limited, and do not have the broad range of proteins that Sinovac or a natural COVID infection offer.

3. Because the Oxford – Astra Zeneca vaccine & JnJ (Janssen) vaccines deliver only big blocks of the entire Coronavirus Spike protein – they give only lower much-less effective protection (relatively low 56% – 65% efficacy) versus the Moderna vac & Pfizer vaccine’s 93% protection.

” Among current COVID-19 vaccines in use, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AstraZeneca) vaccine efficacy against symptomatic cases dropped from 75% to 11% against B.1.351 (9). By contrast, BNT162b2 (Pfizer/BioNTech) vaccine efficacy against symptomatic cases dropped from ∼95% to 75% against B.1.351, and protection against severe disease remained at 97% (10). ”

Which says that because of it’s limitations, the Oxford-Astra Zeneca is not-surprisingly poor against newer COVID-19 variants (down at just 11% protection) … versus Pfizer up at 75% protection against a new recent COVID-19 variant.

These dramatic chemical differences between Pfizer- Moderna m-RNA vaccines versus Oxford-Astra Zeneca and JnJ are very important, because Moderna vac contains just 11 tiny highly-targeted carefully-selected snippets of Spike protein, and Pfizer vac contains just 17 tiny highly-targeted carefully-selected snippets of Spike protein, while the Oxford-Astra Zeneca and the JnJ vaccine are neither highly targeted like Pfizer & Moderna, nor are Oxford-Astra Zeneca and JnJ broad coverage vaccines like Sinovac. Sadly, Astra Zeneca & JnJ are sort of in-the-middle … middle-of-the-road … somewhate limited … much less effective than either the very broad Sinovac (the whole Coronavirus) or the highly targeted Pfizer & Moderna vacs.

The scientific evidence of super-immunity to COVID-19 by using a hybrid approach of challenging our immune systems using the entire SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, only works (currently) when followed by getting 2 doses of a highly-targeted good m-RNA based vaccine, like Pfizer or Moderna vac (93% efficacy), because of the special properties of the highly targeted special tiny snippets of Spike protein found in the Moderna & Pfizer m-RNA vaccines.

In Layman’s Terms:
Getting a natural COVID infection (or Sinovac – that has the whole COVID-19 virus) is like getting a “shot-gun” scatter-blast of a broad range of antibodies …. combined with the “sniper-rifle” highly-targeted, highly-specific approaches of Moderna & Pfizer vacs that trigger our bodies to make special, highly-selective antibodies to COVID-19 virus variants.

4. Finally, it can be important to recognize that Medical doctors (non-scientists) and AS SEEN ON TV Medical ‘expert’ almost always talk only about antibodies, while they ignore B-cells, ignore memory T-cells and they ignore killer T-Cells. It is critical to realize that the “super immunity” – “hybrid-immunity” comes from a combination of protections from ALL THREE groups of immune responses: killer T-Cells, memory T-cells, and B-Cells … aka “CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, memory B cells.

Example: Studies of elderly patients vaccinated with just Pfizer vac are showing 22% of elderly patients with NO MEMORY T-Cells at 8 months after the 2’nd Pfizer jab – while those over age 80 elderlies do have reasonable B-Cell antibody levels for some protection – but NONE of the key memory T-Cells.

This is why getting just a 3’rd ‘booster’ dose of Pfizer or Moderna is no where near as effective as the combination hybrid immunity from getting a dose of the entire COVID-19 virus, followed by 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

Get educated, Stay informed, Stay healthy, Stay safe

Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. Chemistry, Public Health and Laboratory Measurement Science

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3 Responses to Super Immunity to All Forms of COVID from Hybrid Vaccination Approach

  1. norm says:

    I had had my first jab of Moderna and fell ill with Covid six days latter. I was at death’s door for about a half week and ill for another ten days, waited a month and went in for a second jab of the Modema. Linda was not as sick as I was from the infection but when she got her second jab, she was very ill for about 36 hours, I felt a little queer but nothing serious. . We’re hoping we fall into the above bracket of extra super duper immunity.
    Thanks for the information Steve.

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