Omicron COVID Updates

Dec 12, 2021

With all the breaking COVID news that’s been announced this past week, it’s been challenging to keep track of how to best keep ourselves, families & friends safe from COVID, especially as the Omicron variant is exploding in a number of countries, so we offer about 7 different pieces of significant COVID news below:

First: The latest COVID news out of Oxford University is slightly troubling, but it has 2 silver-linings
~ Oxford University scientists (creators of the Astrazeneca vaccine) have recently announced that neither Pfizer nor Astrazeneca are performing well against Omicron transmissions. This means that the COVID-antibodies that vaccinated people’s immunes systems created due to Moderna, Pfizer & Astrazeneca vaccinations, are NOT working well against preventing Omicron infections, yet, people who have been recently boosted are showing much lower numbers of hospitalizations, much lower death rates, and much shorter, less-intense bouts of Omicron (typically just 3 – 5 days of symptoms for vaccinated & boosted patients).

~ The Omicron variant has more mutations than any other previous COVID-causing virus, with 50 total overall mutations, and more troubling, 32 mutations in the Coronavirus’s Spike protein. This is significant, because Omicron’s the mutations in the Coronavirus Spike protein have apparently made Omicron somewhat invisible to the m-RNA based vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer), because the m-RNA vaccines have a built-in Achilles Heel that they only target a tiny tiny slivers of the Coronavirus that causes COVID.

Background Scientific Context:
The m-RNA molecule vehicle of the Moderna & Pfizer vaccines, is so small that the m-RNA vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer) can only deliver a tiny viral payload delivered to our bodies – making them like a Vespa … versus a big Mac truck. The tiny viral payload limits of m-RNA vaccines mean they can deliver only tiny snippets of just tiny parts of the Coronavirus … 17 snipppets for Pfizer, and a different 11 snippets for Moderna … versus Astrazeneca’s & Sinovac’s HUGE viral payload that carried by AZ’s & Sinovac’s big robust Adenovirus vaccine vehicles that can deliver either BIG CHUNKS of the Coronavirus Spike protein (Astrazeneca’s approach), and big enough to deliver the WHOLE VIRUS (Sinovac’s approach) for our body to make lots of different COVID-antibodies to the various parts of the Coronavirus.

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Next … Notice that none of the non-scientist Medical Doctor ‘experts’ we see on TV, talk about the differences between all the different kinds of different antibodies our bodies make to each of the different COVID vaccines => differing levels of protection depending on which vaccine you get, because the AS SEEN ON TV Medical Doctor ”experts’ are not scientists, so Medical Doctors simply do not have enough scientific training to understand what’s going on.

Keeping it simple: There is NOT just one flavor of COVID antibodies. Out in the human population, there are a huge variety of COVID antibodies that can be made by our bodies’ immune systems. … Example: There is one suite of COVID-antibodies that our bodies make when we get a natural COVID infection – a very broad suite that depends on which COVID variant (strain) we get. … Then, there’s a whole different highly-targeted yet very-small suite of COVID-antibodies our bodies can make if we get an m-RNA vaccine (like Pfizer or Moderna) … Next, there’s yet a different slighly broader suite of COVID-antibodies that our bodies make to the slightly larger pieces of Spike protein in the Astrazeneca vaccine … Finally, there’s an even bigger broader suite of COVID antibodies our bodies make to the Sinovac vaccine – including COVID antibodies to the Spike protein and the N-Capsid proteins of Coronaviruses.

Notice that the extremely narrow range of highly-targeted COVID antibodies our bodies make when we get an m-RNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) is simultaneously a benefit when the Pfizer or Moderna antibodies actually fit-match the Coronavirus you are exposed to …. but that same highly-targeted group of a tiny number of antibodies then can be a HUGE problem when the Coronavirus mutates at any of the very few tiny viral segments that Moderna chose & that Pfizer chose (all corporate secrets) … When the Omicron variant’s 32 new mutations make it INVISIBLE to the m-RNA vaccine’s extremely narrow range of COVID-antibodies – or invisible to Astrazeneca’s smaller number of antibodies, then Moderna & Pfizer & Astrazeneca just do not work well to stop Omicron transmission.

Specifically, Moderna’s vaccine only has 11 tiny slivers (tiny snippets) of the very large Spike protein, and Pfizer has only 17 tiny slivers (tiny snippets) of the very large Spike protein. … Because Omicron has 32 different mutations of the Spike protein, the CEO of Moderna openly said that they expect the Moderna vaccine to “underperform significantly” … Where (as reported above) it is now proven that Moderna, Pfizer & Astrazeneca are NOT working to stop Omicron’s transmission.

What does this all mean?
It means getting a 3’rd shot boosters of the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccines work well against Delta variant … but… the 3’rd shot booster of Moderna for patients who had 2 prior Moderna shots, and the 3’rd shot booster of Pfizer for patients who had 2 prior Pfizer doses are not working against Omicron.

Fortunately, there is some good news in all of this:
People who have had prior natural COVID infections, or a recent Sinovac dose are showing lower transmission rates for the Omicron variant – because our bodies make a broader suite of COVID-antibodies when exposed to the whole virus, and people who have been both vaccinated & boosted are showing far lower rates of serious COVID disease from Omicron, and far lower rates of hospitalization & death.

This is why Sinovac chose adenovirus vehicles for their vaccines, because the adenovirus vehicles carry & deliver HUGE viral payloads. By delivering a BIG payload of a WIDE range of Coronavirus proteins, Sinovac patients & patients who get natural COVID infections produce MUCH BROADER immune system protections, because our bodies make a much much bigger variety of COVID antibodies, because the adenovirus-vehicle vaccines bring in so much more viral material to train our immune systems.

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More Good News:
Oxford University scientists (creators of the Astrazeneca vaccine) have recently announced that people’s normal (ordinary – typical) immune system’s Killer T-Cell response to Omicron is doing very well at preventing serious Omicron infections – which means we still get Omicron infections …. but we likely are NOT hospitalized, because whether vaccinated or not, our immune systems Killer T-Cell systems are working well against Omicron for most patients. … Yet, as always, immuno-comprimised people need to be careful.

Even More Good News:
If you don’t want to catch Omicron COVID, or Delta COVID, it is well proven that wearing a tight-fitting medical grade mask (N95, N97 or N99) stops COVID transmissions, because COVID is transmitted by us inhaling the invisible infectious fine aerosols from people talking or singing.

Next, if you take your mask off in public to eat or drink, it still works to be at least 8 feet from other people, especially when out of doors, where even gentle breezes disperse to safe levels the fine invisible aerosols from people talking. If indoors with masks off, as little as 6 ft can work IF you have strategically-place fans blowing fresh air between people, to disperse the talking-generated invisible fine COVID aerosols to safe levels.

Ironically, when Omicron rapidly infects so many people who have not had vaccinations – (hopefully) causing only minimal harm to people … it gives those people broad natural immunity to new future COVID infections. Yet, remember that getting vaccinated has greatly helped people from getting the more-harmful previous strains of COVID – even if their vaccinations do not protec them now.

Finally, notice that the possibility of a Pfizer or Moderna patient then getting an Omicron infection might be a SUPERB thing. The best studies of people who previously got the combination of a natural COVID infection (creating one suite of COVID antibodies), paired with then getting an m-RNA vaccine (creating a DIFFERENT suite of COVID antibodies) … has been giving those people near “super immunity” to future COVID infections.

Why? The combinations of our broad range of COVID-antibodies from the natural infection +plus the m-RNA vaccine’s triggering us to produce highly-targeted COVID-antibodies, together creates such a WIDE VARIETY of COVID-antibodies in these individuals – that they have incredibly better overall protection from any future new COVID variant infections than either a natural infection or a vaccination can give alone.

So, inspite of the recent news of our vaccines poor performance at stopping Omicron, the overall picture looks surprisingly good – unless you are seriously immuno-compromised.

Final 3’rd Booster Update for People in Mexico:
Every announcement we have heard is that the 3’rd shot boosters are planned to be Astrazeneca in Mexico … and even better: Yucatan has a plan to start vaccinating people over age 60 with the 3’rd booster starting Dec. 16 – Dec. 21’st. If you want a COVID booster sign up with your CURP at the vaccination registration-compliance website:

See the schedule below

FINALLY: The Latest COVID News for Yucatan:
For all the people doing holiday travel or coming to Yucatan, let’s help keep Yucatan & Yucatecans safe!

Here’s the progression of COVID cases here across Yucatan (per week) since Sept 11, 2021

2012 Cases for the week of Sept 11 … 1958 Cases (Sept 18) … then 1901 … 1819 … 1615 … 1457 … 862 … 710 … 398 … 339 … 287 … 267 … 187 … and just 146 cases this past week …

Notice the trend?
You would have to encounter roughly 15,700 Yucatecans in a week to meet one with COVID right now.
Notice how it actually works when almost all people wear masks and socially distance?😉

Be a part of the solution:Snowbirds …. PLEASE … ISOLATE YOURSELVES .. when you arrive.

Self-Quarantine for at least SIX (6) DAYS after you arrive … to not bring COVID here.
and double mask when going through the very-contaminated USA & British airports … and double-mask during the entire flight(s).

Yes … Come enjoy life here in Yucatan, but … Stay safe …

Happy Travels!

Get educated, Stay informed, Stay healthy, Stay safe,

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Aerosol Science, Measurement Science, Public Health & Environment

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6 Responses to Omicron COVID Updates

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve had both Pfizer shots in the US. I can now get the Astrazeneca booster here in Merida, but I’ve read in a couple of places that the Astrazeneca gives little added immunity to those people previously vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna. Do you feel it would be worthwhile for me to get the Astrazeneca?

    • yucalandia says:

      Because each of the different brands of vaccines triggers our immune system to make different “flavors” of COVID antibodies, and because your current antibody levels in your circulatory system have waned, since your previous vaccines … getting a booster of Astrazeneca here makes sense to have improved protection over the next 6 months,

      The VERY best, gold-standard protection comes from religiously wearing a tight-fitting N-95 mask or better (we wear N-99 masks – which reduce inhaled viral loads by 5X better – lower levels) – paired with 8 ft of social distancing.

      Small studies show the next best protection comes from having a prior COVID infection, followed by getting an m-RNA vaccination … The third best results are come Because only the combination of 3 doses of Pfizer – with the most recent Pfizer dose being given in the last 30 days … appears to offer the next best protection against Omicron, (which is not possible to do here) … then the following better option is to mix vaccine types

      … Mixing your prior m-RNA based Moderna with the adenovirus-based Astrazeneca, plus the benefits of their different viral payloads – is a good 3’rd choice.
      Dr. Steven M. Fry

    • yucalandia says:

      As long as you have no prior history of blood clots & no prior history of significant cardiovascular disease, then yes, the benefits of increased protection from “serious COVID disease” and reduced chances of hospitalization are both much more significant benefits from mixing vaccine doses, are more beneficial than the small risk of blood clots from AZ.

  2. Hi, will you please add me to your newsletter list….thanks, Maryinez Lyons, Ph.D, Merida

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