COVID Vaccine Causing Elevated Ischemic Stroke Risks for Patients Over Age 65

Jan. 14, 2023

Have readers seen this latest CDC update on COVID vaccine problems?

~ COVID Booster Shots Causing Elevated Ischemic Stroke Risks for Patients over age 65 ~

Because the ‘latest’ COVID vaccine shots showed no real efficacy at reducing the current Omicron mutant subvariants’ transmission, and no efficacy at reducing the current COVID hospitalizations nor COVID death rates … My virologist wife & I chose to forgo this last round of COVID vaccines …

Context: As scientists, we had each accepted 6 prior jabs of COVID vaccines, because they ALL showed significant efficacy at reducing COVID transmission, and were proven to significantly reduce COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

Yet, because the current COVID vaccines showed NO efficacy at stopping COVID since last August, we chose to not get vaccinated this time.

We are now glad that we followed the science, followed the published data, and skipped this latest problematic set of COVID vaccinations, that are shown to … not work at all … to protect against the current 13 COVID subvariants.

Why has this round of COVID vaccines failed?

Big Pharma Pfizer & Moderna designed their ‘latest’ “bi-valent” vaccines last May, and they did not include the Omicron’s mutant 13 subvariants in the design … Big Pharma chose to focus on only the old, past Omicron BA.4 & BA.5 subvariants – which were long past, (out-of-date), no longer circulating by the time Pfizer & Moderna released their latest vaccines last September.

How to Stay Safe:

N95 or better tight-fitting masks … and 8 ft of Social Distancing … and dilution of COVID’s infectious invisible fine aerosols by fresh air & fans … are still the only proven protections from COVID transmission.

IOW … Faucci, Wallensky’s & Biden’s plans to PUT ALL EGGS into just one basket (vaccines) … worked out just like so many scientists predicted… The vaccines were predicted to only work as long as the SARS virus mutates slowly (a bad assumption) … With this past Summer’s & Fall’s 13 new heavily mutated COVID subvariants, the politicians, Medical Doctors, Big Pharma and bureaucrats at the FDA & CDC have let us all down … again … by ignoring the proven Science. 😦


Get educated … Stay informed … Stay healthy …

Dr. Steven M. Fry
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

= = = =
Recent Background Information on Why the Latest COVID Vaccines Are Not Working:

Jan. 3, 2023
Yet more new heavily-mutated COVID Omicron subvariant strains are driving new mutant Omicron COVID waves across the USA, unimpeded by the USA’s failed vaccination strategies.** Omicron XBB.1.5 is now causing 40% of COVID infections across the USA, as the ‘latest’ COVID vaccines fail to work, just like the COVID Vaccines have been failing to work this past 2 months against Omicon BW.1 and Omicron BQ.1 & BQ.1.1 subvariants.

Meanwhile in Yucatan, the Omicron BQ.1, BQ.1.1 subvariants, along with Yucatan’s own surprising new Omicron BW.1 subvariant continue to drive Yucatan’s 6’th COVID Wave.

What must we do to stay safe?
Fortunately, the same physical barrier methods proven to work in March, 2020 still work to stop COVID’s spread, as reported here at the very beginnings of the COVID Pandemia:
How to Keep Yourself Safe from COVID-19 ~ SARS-CoV-2

** It’s time to go back to the proven methods of COVID protection. con
~ Mask up … with tight-fitting N95 or better masks.

Time to go to 8 ft of Social Distancing when inside with masks off, around people talking …

Alternately, you can use strategically placed fans paired-with 6 ft of social distancing …
Strategically placed fans blowing between people give enough dilution to keep people safe from inhaling too many of the invisible infectious aerosols from people talking, because these invisible aerosols float around infectious for 4 – 6 hrs after a person talks, yells, or sings indoors.

Why medical-masks, fans, fresh air & Social Distancing?

Unfortunately, even the latest Big Pharma vaccines do not protect against these (15 total) new heavily-mutated Omicron subvariants … This means that good tight-fitting masks & Social Distancing and sufficient fresh air are the only protective methods that still work.

Note that Cloth masks are proven to need at least 12 layers to equal one N95 grade mask.

Curiously, our Yucatan Department of Health has stopped reporting COVID cases, yet Johns Hopkins Univ. and the CDC and local Yucatecan physicians & UNAM researchers are all reporting that … WE ARE ALREADY IN A NEW COVID WAVE here …

The swift growth of the Omicron BW.1 SARS-CoV-2 variant coincides with a new rapid increase of COVID-19 cases occurring in Southeast Mexico in October, 2022 … putting an END to a period of low transmission after Mexico’s fifth epidemiological wave. Up to 75% of weekly sequenced genomes in the region have been identified as BW.1.

BW.1 appears to have arisen in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico sometime around July 2022 during the fifth COVID-19 wave. Its explosive growth may be in part explained by relevant escape mutations also found in BQ.1.

SARS-CoV-2 BW.1, a fast-growing Omicron variant from southeast Mexico bearing relevant escape
” … Details here:

  • * * * * * *
    Are all these new mutant COVID subvariants … the new norm?

I believe they are ‘A’ new normal … but it is not necessarily THE new norm.

Consider the links in the COVID mutation-transmission chain:

~ Not masking results in LOTS of people with COVID…

~ LOTs of people with COVID is proven to create NEW MUTATIONS …

because new nasty mutations of the SARS virus are proven to come from too many people with COVID.

~ With 13 new heavily mutated COVID SARS subvariants currently circulating around the USA & Mexico, unfortunately, Big Pharma’s “newest” vaccines are out-of-date, providing no proven protection from all the new mutant forms.

~ If everyone masked up with tight-fitting N95 masks (or better) and Socially Distanced, we could have so few people with COVID that the new mutations would be shut down … or at least we’d have far fewer mutant SARS variants appearing.

~ NOTICE THAT THIS NEW Omicron BW.1 came (originated) from too many YUCATECANS who got COVID from not being appropriately N95 masked nor sufficiently Socially Distanced.

Choose proven science … Choose proven facts … 🙂

or … muddle through with yet more fresh future waves of new COVID mutant subvariants

… because getting COVID one time GIVES ZERO PROTECTION from getting it again from the new mutant forms. 🙁

Tight fitting N95 masks … Socially Distancing by 8 ft when indoors

… and using fans or fresh air to dilute out invisible fine aerosols from people talking … are the scientifically proven keys to establishing a NEW new norm. 🙂

Get educated .. Take reasonable precautions …

… Stay healthy … Stay safe …

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. in Public Health & Environment and Laboratory Measurement Science

* * * * * * *
Background: The CDC announced this on Nov. 22’nd that COVID is surging in the USA, with the relatively new OMICRON BQ.1 and OMICRON BQ.1.1 subvariants causing 57% of new COVID cases nationwide. This is really significant (as described below), because NONE of the COVID vaccines are working to stop the spread of BQ.1 nor BQ1.1. … These 2 new Omicron subvariants have exploded onto the scene this past month because they are 4X times to 7X time more transmissable than the previous Omicron COVID variants, which were 2X to 4X times more transmissable than the previous Delta COVID.

So … All the past talk of COVID mutating to supposedly less harmful & supposedly less virulent strains turns out to just be HOT AIR … as the latest OMICRON BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 variants have enough new virulent mutations that even the most recent “new” vaccines do NOT WORK … not reducing transmission rates … so the vacciones ARE NOT reducing serious COVID disease … ARE NOT reducing hospitaliztions … nor reducing deaths.

Nov. 4, 2022 Latest COVID News from the USA:
The new Omicron BQ.1 & Omicron BQ.1.1 subvarients are “poised to become dominant” this winter.

CDC has been tracking the spread of 12 different new COVID subvariants viruses these past 2 months, and they announced this morning that two (2) of them are starting small outbreaks around the USA the last two weeks, as we begin to spend more time inside due to cooler temperatures.

Because these 2 new COVID subvariants “appear to be 2X times to 7X times more immune evasive than the BA.5 subvariant“, “it’s likely that people who have been vacinated or had a prior COVID infection will still get infected by these 2 new subvariants“.**

Vaccine Effects:
Doctors hope that the latest ‘Bivalent’ COVID vaccine booster will help give some protection against COVID hospitalizations & death, but there is no evidence of this for Omichron BQ.1 and BQ.1.1.

**As such, the 2 best proven ways to not get the 2 new COVID subvariants is to wear a tight fitting N95 grade or better mask, or maintain 8 ft of Social Distancing when in indoor spaces.

These 2 new COVID subvariants are primarily transmitted by people talking, emitting 1000’s of invisible fine aerosols that continue to float around infectious in indoor spaces for 4 – 6 hours after the infected person was talking, unless there is a lot of air turnover to dilute the invisible aerosols to safe levels.

The wrong mask to wear ** … Use only N95 or better masks.

Ongoing Scientific Factual Conclusions:
Except for protection by wearing tight-fitting masks & Socially Distancing, unfortunately Omicron COVID is rewriting most of what non-scientist Medical Doctors have been telling people the past 2 years. Example: Many so-called ‘experts’ previously told us that COVID would supposedly mutate to milder & milder, supposedly less contagious strains. This has proven to be absolutely false … again.

‘Expert’ Medical Doctors (who are not scientists) also mistakenly told us that having a prior infection would protect us, which has proven to be absolutely false, especially with the most recent Omicron BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.5 and now BQ2.1 & BQ2.1.1.

**Remember that ‘expert’ Medical Doctors on TV (who are not scientists) told us to “Wash your hands & use hand sanitizer“, actions which provide and provided absolutely no protection from COVID, because COVID is only transmitted by inhaling invisible fine aerosols from people talking or singing.

Remember how ‘expert’ Medical Doctors on TV (who are not scientists) mistakenly told us to “Wear your cloth masks.” for 2 full years from July 2020 – July 2022, even though the last 40 yrs of scientific testing shows that cloth masks leak horribly, providing almost no protection from inhaled viruses.

The ‘expert’ non-scientist Medical Doctors unfortunately ignored that it is proven that it takes at least 12 layers of cloth to equal just one layer of N95 material … And yes, Medical Doctors ignored all these known proven facts on these things, even though they were published in the first month of COVID back in March, 2020:

Remember how ‘expert’ Medical Doctors (who are not scientists) told us to “Disinfect EVERYTHING” back in 2020 … which provides absolutely no protection from COVID, because the only way to stop COVID transmissions is to inhale no COVID aerosols, or to inhale only very small amounts COVID’s highly-infectious invisible fine aerosols.

Because COVID’s invisible fine aerosols persist indoors by floating around infectious for 4 to 6 HOURS AFTER a COVID infected person talks, sings, or wheezes, then either fine high quality tight masks, or diluting out the aerosols by Social Distancing, breezes or fans are the only real solutions to not getting infected.

* * * * * * *

Get educated … Stay informed … Stay healthy …

Dr. Steven M. Fry

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science.

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6 Responses to COVID Vaccine Causing Elevated Ischemic Stroke Risks for Patients Over Age 65

  1. Walt says:

    Dr. Fry, Does the Cuban vaccine that is being distributed in Mexico fall into the same useless category as Moderna and Pfizer?

    • yucalandia says:

      I have no clue whether it works on the 13 new mutant substrains of Omicron that are circulating now.

      I suspect not … due to all the mutations in each of the 13 new mutant substrains. => Masks & Social Distancing are still the “go-to” solutions – to not inhale the infectious invisible COVID fine aerosols from people talking.

  2. dariogrear says:

    If these updates are of no interest to you let me know 👍🏼

  3. TINA MARLOWE says:

    I think you should have clarified this:
    From CDC link you posted above re: ischemic stroke data:
    “This preliminary signal has not been identified with the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent. There also may be other confounding factors contributing to the signal identified in the VSD that merit further investigation. Furthermore, it is important to note that, to date, no other safety systems have shown a similar signal and multiple subsequent analyses have not validated this signal.”

    • yucalandia says:

      Cute … but your perception sidesteps the much bigger validation issue .. that there was ZERO Phase 2 and ZERO Phase 3 testing done on the Pfizer “bi-valent” vaccine, when they started jabbing 100,000’s of people in September, 2022.

      The bureaucrats Faucci & Wallensky and Biden decided to rush the “bi-valent” vaccines to market, with NO Phase 2 nor Phase 3 testing. Team Biden’s choice to skip the normally required Phase 2 & Phase 3 testing is very troubling to some scientists.

      The near total lack of testing on Pfizer’s & Moderna’s “bi-valent” vaccines, means they really must issue warnings, especially to elders over age 65, when they find even minor problems.

      Sadly, Team Biden chose to use all of as Guinea Pigs for large scale Phase 2 & Phase 3 testing the of the “bivalent” COVID vaccines released for public use in September.

      Doubters are welcome to check the website below, that reports the preliminary results for Phase 2 testing on Moderna & Pfizer vaccines … as Pfizer had not even finished Phase 2 testing by November … even though they were jabbing 100,000 of people in Sept & October.

      Dr. Steven M. Fry
      Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science

      • yucalandia says:

        The other troubling perspective is that neither the Moderna nor Pfizer vaccines are showing efficacy against protecting us from the 13 mutant Omicron substrains that are circulating this past 5 months.

        When NEW vaccines show no substantial efficacy of protection, should they be rushed into use on millions of people, by skipping the normal Phase 2 and Phase 3 testing?

        Team Biden may have dropped this ball … in their rush to provide new vaccines that don’t work as promised.

        The core issue of the 13 COVID Omicron mutant substrains mutating faster than Big Pharma can make new vaccines, means that future COVID vaccines may not work, as long as there are so many people not using N95 masks nor Socially Distancing by 8 ft, that there are so many people with COVID infections – acting as incubators to mutate yet more new highly infectious mutant COVID substrains… new mutant substrains that the vaccines do not work on.

        We need rational effective scientific policies on COVID.

        … not more politics .. nor rushing failed ineffective, untested products to market.
        Dr. Steven M. Fry
        Ph.D. in Chemistry, Public Health, & Laboratory Measurement Science

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