Have the INM Changes and TIP Car Hassles Put People on Edge?

Aug 25, 2013
From time to time, we are glad to welcome guest author’s and expert’s articles and opinions here on Yucalandia.   In this tradition,  we welcome these observations, originally offered by Richard C. over on a popular Mexican expat web-board:

“I have been surprised by levels of petty stuff that has been popping-up on expat forums, since the INM changes and PRs with imported car hassles arrived a year ago.   The gunk has been cropping up faster than weeds in a well watered garden.   Groups of select people seem to be jockeying for some imagined  positions.   It seems like petty jealousies and people’s personal crap are erupting so regularly,  that they are becoming dominant themes on web-boards in Mexico,   stuff that has not been on my radar for decades…   Without actively thinking about it, I suspect  I have previously,  subconsciously, imagined  that most people on expat forums had matured beyond this stuff.

Over the past year, (since the INM changes and imported car hassles?),  it seems like a lot of people have been reverting to old “High School” mentalities,  replete with teen-angst over getting everybody else to conform.   Groups of retirees,   putting a lot of personal energy into  “who’s-really-popular”   (this week),   “who’s-friends-with-whom“,  “who’s pissed-with-whom“,     “who’s  teacher’s-pet” (moderators-pet?),  “who is teacher upset with” ,  “who is liked    by everyone ” ,  “who are the out-casts”  ,  “who are the   cool   kids” ,  “who are    The Losers

Other people seem to still be all about  “who are people in   your    clique ?”

Others are all about   zinging  or bringing down   whoever has dared to stick their heads up to simply see above the rest of the crowd?

Even the moderators on some boards   are  jockeying for position.

Have people been slipping by into their old High School mentalities,   putting on their Letterman’s jackets   or   Cheerleader outfits,   flexing,  posing,  and strutting,    ?

Did someone accidentally flip the channel to   “Happy Days” ?

or  have I just lost my mind?

Richie C.

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As always, we take no responsibility for the opinions of our guest authors,

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13 Responses to Have the INM Changes and TIP Car Hassles Put People on Edge?

  1. Tricia Lyman says:

    No, you haven’t lost your mind. I’m on tons of expat sites all over Central & South America, too, because that’s where we’ve been country shopping. The level of this behavior is very saddening to me, as I believe more & more expats are very unhappy with their lives because they truly never thought they would be expats. They’ve “run away” to try and find a better life, only to find they haven’t so their frustration comes out in this format. Sad, very sad!

  2. mexicomystic says:

    Richie… You haven’t lost your mind. I’ve had to drop out of a few blogs because the posters and or moderaters had really bad attitudes. Now the problem came up when I gave advice that they didnt want to hear or believe. I’ve been here 44 years and I’m now a dual national with 2 passports, the only thing I do on blogs is attempt to give advice to people asking for advice, keep away as much as possible from contraversial subjects like religion and politics. But many of these people are newcomers and they come with an attitude that says We didnt do it this way in the USA and Mexico is wrong and I don’t want to hear any thing else. I sometimes explain This Is The Law in Mexico… and they start whining . OK, I give up, Yes it’s not 100% perfect here but The very things that irritate me in the USA I don’t really want to see implemented here. Mexico is slowly making corrections in some things but I don’t really want to see it become “Little America”.. However like you say some people form cliques and I don’t really need it. Caveat Emptor.
    I bet Steve hears this nonsense all the time.

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Mike,
      Welcome back!

      It’s always a treat to hear from you. The latest gem:
      I sometimes explain This Is The Law in Mexico… and they start whining .

      whining,… complaining … arguing … making up shit (excuses) about why “they” shouldn’t have to … follow the rules….

      ahhhh…. maybe there’s a truism there: ~ “following the rules” ~ a (secret?) anti-reason, driving many people to leave their homelands and previous “communities”… ?

      actually, as an anti-reason: many expats come to Mexico because they (unconsciously) think Mexico is a Disneyland: A Land where we can do whatever we want…. We can drive however we want, because Mexicans “do not follow traffic rules”. We can get drunk by 4:00 pm…. or 2 pm, or even 12…

      We can say whatever we want – no rules – gossiping freely …

      Some people even make-up things (a.k.a. lies/falsehoods), excused because they used their “reasoned judgments“. They even publicly publish their musings (gossip) on web-forums, as seeming truths, even though their “reasoned judgments) (a.k.a. imaginings) ~ are completely false ~ . Still, these “reasoned judgments” plus a big dose of their personal perceptions , together somehow “prove” that their target must have done “it”, because “they (the target) is _____ “… or because: they (the target) must feel _______ “… or whatever twisted thing conveniently pops into the judge’s mind as to why that other annoying person is _________ ….

      For me?

      Reality is far more tasty… and reliable …

      … far preferable to gossip,
      … and much more useful than “reasoned judgments
      or whatever imaginings some people insist on personally projecting onto others.

      Which points to how all of it really is just some people projecting their own internal issues onto others….?+

      … people working out their own personal gunk (leftover from High School) through others…. ?

      • cozumeldeb says:

        Mike & Steve: Well said by you both..We have been part-timers down here since 2001, and will probably keep it on winter part-time 6 mo. basis..but I have certainly observed the behavior, who thought “everything would be different” in Mexico..overlooking they are the same people, with the same ideas, problems and issues that they packed into their suitcases..which is why a certain % of those folks repack and head back to the “real world.” We love and treasure our life in Mexico, the people and experiences are priceless..best decision we ever made was to buy a home in paradise.

  3. Can anybody say : too much time on their hands. I personally have too much to do to get into these snits. I am enjoying my life here and am lucky to have it. It’s one thing to give helpful advice and information. It’s another to go off on personal jags and personalities. Easy solution is to only read things put out by people you know can stick to a subject objectively . It’s actually not necessary to answer and comment on everything printed.

  4. albriscoe says:

    ” have a feeling that, “Ritchie C” has just become aware of normal social angst, that, “Stuff” is always there, sometimes you have to actually look for it, (You know, when now and again you “Care”) but a lot of the times it is there but subliminal.I guess that’s why I like cantina’s and beer, that , “Stuff” is there too, but cantina people seem to pay less attention to it! Football, baseball and life draining discussions about who will win, etc. etc. (Grin)Al

    Everything changes and nothing remains the same

    Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 12:39:50 +0000 To: albriscoe@hotmail.com

  5. Dorothy y Gordon says:

    Thank goodness for your site Steve… the only one of many we have tried which provides respectful, well researched information to help those planning to come to this wonderful country and for those of us who have already made it our home. Muchisimas gracias

  6. Peter says:

    Kinda funny, but actually rather sad.
    In my little world I find that many of the most prolific writers are actually weekenders or just occasional visitors posing as authorities. Things change and the micro cultures of the expats change too.
    There is a “published author” (self published) that left here more than 10 years ago but continues to write like he is here and knows the real story…
    Just rambling, but just ignore those types and enjoy the day!

  7. The Broad says:

    Until I moved to the Yucatan, I did not realize how many of my fellow countrymen were immature. I’m grateful for the teeny-tiny-small-small-small tribe I have back in the States and in Mexico.

  8. kenbauer says:

    Steve, I entered with my vehicle on my FMT back in 2009 which we then switched out to an FM3 lucrativa (I am working here) then I was switched to the new “No Immigrante, Profesional – Lucrativa”. The lawyers here at work started my process for the permanent residency and I told them to hold on since that would invalidate my temporary import of my vehicle from Canada. From what I am reading here (thanks for all the work and info), my situation is not legal due to being “lucrativo” type Fm3 (now no immigrante). Ack. I really would like to just import the vehicle as well as the trailer I brought in with it. Advice? I had an accountant friend looking at this earlier this year and it appears I could drive to Manzanillo to do the importing since that is a port of entry.

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