Aduana Temporary Import Permit (TIP) Renewal Form

Nov. 15, 2013
Full Article can be read at: Aduana Temporary Import Permit (TIP) Renewal Form (Nov. 2013)

Aduana now accepts an official request form and instructions for foreigners to report changes or expiration date renewals ~ by mail ~ . We thank Ric Hoffman for supplying this very useful information, for people who don’t have an Aduana office “down the block” – (and for those whose Aduana offices are less than friendly/helpful).  Readers who want to renew/extend the expiration dates on their vehicle’s Temporary Import Permits can use this form and mail it in directly to Aduana DF, to get their permission letter.

You have 2 options: Ric created a good .pdf file if you want to use it (see below) or cut and paste the text format form listed below. The instructions of what information/documents to include and addresses are listed in the instructions on the second page.  Read more here…

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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.
© Steven M. Fry

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7 Responses to Aduana Temporary Import Permit (TIP) Renewal Form

  1. Donna says:

    Now, I am totally confused. Seems like you recently posted the new Aduana Rules of July 2013 that stated as long as your Visa was valid your TIP sticker was also valid. If that is true, why would I need to send this form to Aduana?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Donna,
      Since June of 2010, all TIP car owners must notify Aduana when their INM permits are extended/renewed/changed. Previously, this was done by going to your closest Aduana office – a system that had some issues. Using this form, you can do it all yourself using the mail.

      If you have an Residente Temporal (RT) that is valid for several years (for example: until 2015), you apply to extend your TIP expiration date to match the new expiration date of your RT’s ( 2015 in the example).
      Happy Trails,

  2. Ray says:

    so does this also apply to TIP’s that are pre-dated June 2010 as in earlier posts those with “older” TIP’s were not required to notify Aduana

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Ray,
      Since June 2010, the new rules required all car owners with TIPs to notify Aduana of the renewed expiration date for their renewed or changed INM permit – every year within 2 weeks of the prior expiration date. The law simply had no punishment for owners who had not paid a cash deposit on their TIP – so many have not met this 2010 requirement. Owners with deposits had their deposits forfeited. The local Aduana offices took 6 months to a year to come up to speed on accepting renewals of the expiration dates.

      The policy of clearly allowing mail-ins is easier to use than going to Aduana offices, but people who made $$ deposits for their TIPs and who wish to preserve that deposit still need to notify Aduana in writing – typically on or before the expiration date, to give Aduana time to notify Banjercito, and for Banjercito to log the data ~ otherwise, the Banjercito computer confiscates the deposit 2 weeks after the expiration date.
      Hope this helps clarify things,

      • Ray says:

        Thanks as always Steve
        This whole notification of renewal has always left me a little perplexed as the local situation was for some time indifferent
        So every year I have sent a letter to Aduana in DF irrespective of the viewpoint here and have to date never received any acknowledgement.

        Adding to my recent confusion was this piece:
        “En razón de lo anterior y en virtud de que el permiso de importación temporal de vehiculos, fue tramitado antes del 11 de Junio de 2011, no se requiere la presentación del aviso que refiere la regal 4.2.7:
        “A efecto de que no se haga efectiva la garantia otorgada en los terminus de la presente regal, dentro de los 15 dias siguientes a aquél en que les hubiere sido otorgada la prórroga, ampliación, refrendo o cambio de calidad migratorio, se deberá presenter mediante escritor antes cualquier aduana del pais o a la ACOA, un aviso en el que se haga constar dicha circunstancia, anexando copia del comprobante de dicho trámite y del permiso de importación del vehiculo”

        Anyway, will be sending in the latest info on our TIP using the information that Ric and you have provided.,

  3. Dave in Ont says:

    Hi Steve…Your info and comments are, as usual, right on! Sometimes a bit confusing, due to constantly changing Mexican laws (What was correct last month/week/day might not be tomorrow!!! LOL

    Thank god I got my Ontario, originally TIP vehicle, nationalized and finally Yucatan plated.

    Some of your advice helped, some of my persistence helped and some of the Mexican rule changes helped!! Oh, and the Progreso customs broker helped a LOT. (Not inexpensive, but he did it legally)

    Thanks for maintain this website Steve, I read it daily.

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