Turn in Your Mexican Residente Temporal Visa by the Expiration Date

November 9, 2014 Update
We have gotten 3 separate reports this past week from travelers who had allowed their Residente Temporal permits to lapse, and then went through a border crossing.   Each of the 3  travelers handed over their old expired Residente Temporal cards, and all 3 were scolded for not submitting their Residedente Temporal card by the expiration date.  One of the three did this at the Nuevo Laredo crossing, while the other 2 did this at the Chetumal/Belize crossing.

None of the 3 were automatically granted the Visitante visas they requested.
The 2 who allowed their RT visas to expire while they were in Mexico, were assessed $$ penalties for not surrendering their Residente Temporal visas by their expiration dates – but both were given Visitante visas after paying the penalties.  The third person, who had been hospitalized for brain tumor surgery in the USA when her RT visa expired, crossing at Nuevo Laredo in October 2014, long after INM’s 55 day grace period for RT’s who are outside Mexico,   was hassled by the INM agents – forced to go to the back of a 15 person line  to wait for 90 minutes – was then scolded again – and was finally granted the 6 month Visitante visa she had asked for at the beginning, with no penalties.

Based on these 3 reports,   there may be penalties up to $50 pesos per day for allowing a Residente Temporal visa to expire.   If this is correct,  we can save ourselves some hassles and delays if we surrender our Residente Temporal visas by their expiration date.

We welcome updates from our readers on this and other immigration issues.

For more details on Mexican Immigration rules, please see our main article at:
Current Rules and Procedures for Immigration, Visiting, and Staying in Mexico
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8 Responses to Turn in Your Mexican Residente Temporal Visa by the Expiration Date

  1. Jaco says:

    Why would one not surrend the visa before the expiration date, other than extenuating circumstances?

    • yucalandia says:

      Hi Jaco,
      Some people are outside of Mexico when their cards expire – and don’t want to drive to a Mexican Consulate.

      Others are inside Mexico and either forget to renew or surrender the card, or they hope that INM will be forgiving when they go to fly out of Mexico with an expired RT card. Since many INM agents wave most of the fee/penalty, the foreigner figures it’s cheaper let it expire and ask forgiveness, than to go renew it or go to the border and exchange the old RT for a Visitante visa.

  2. SharlnCharlie Edwards says:

    Hola Angel,

    This article serves to remind your customers that they must turn in their Residential Temporal cards prior to the date of expiration.


  3. Nancy Thorpe says:

    I have applied for a Residente Permanente Visa at the Denver Consulate and have received a single entry visa good for 6 months until March 20. My 1st visit to Mexico is scheduled for Nov. 26 and I will continue the visa process at the INM office in Nuevo Vallarta. However, this trip will only be for 2 weeks (due to medical condition) and the final RP card may not be processed prior to my departure. Question: If the RP card is not processed prior to my departure, is it possible to obtain a temporary exit/re-enter visa good for 60 days as I do plan to return in Jan. for a 30-day stay? If the temporary permit cannot be issued, is it possible to enter the country on a. tourist permit without jeopardizing my pending RP visa as I do not want to have to start the process over?

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