Updated Antiparasitic Treatment Rules for Pets Entering Mexico

February 10, 2017

Public Service Announcement:
Our helpful readers continue to update us all on what rule enforcement changes are taking place around Mexico.

New Enforcement of Regulation re: Bringing Dogs into Mexico via Air

Airport officials at the airport in Puerto Vallarta are enforcing a regulation requiring dogs ( not sure about cats) require the following:
PRIOR to arrival, your dog must have be treated against internal and external parasites by a licensed veterinarian and the products used must be reflected on the health certificate.

Dogs must also have been treated for ticks shortly prior to entering the country. ”

This seems pretty self explanatory.

We’d appreciate hearing from readers if this change is being enforced nationwide.

Happy Trails,

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19 Responses to Updated Antiparasitic Treatment Rules for Pets Entering Mexico

  1. Kathy Cameron says:

    This isn’t new, I’ve been bringing my dog into Cancun for 5 years and always had to provide this

    • yucalandia says:

      Good update.

      We have not tracked pet shipping requirements … so this is our first toe-in-the-water on these issues.


      • Kathy Cameron says:

        That’s great because it is a concern for many. I would add that ‘shipping’ can have different meanings. Shipping normally refers to a dog traveling alone as Cargo. If you are traveling with your pet they could be in the cabin or checked (this means their traveling with you. Entry process is the same, cost quite different. As an addition, when headed back to the states you only need proof of rabies (except very young puppies). Rabies is also requires to enter Mexico.

    • Don Saigle says:

      Hi Kathy

      This may not be ‘new’ for Cancun, or even a ‘new’ regulation. The fact remains that the enforcement of this provision is now ‘standard operating procedure’ for the officials at Puerto Vallarta. It is ‘new’ for that facility and is now affecting travelers bring their dogs via air.

  2. anadarson34 says:

    Fyi when planning for xmas visit. Xxooxxoo mom

    Sent from my iPad

  3. nancy gould says:

    I also think this has been a requirement for a long time. I always provide the info when I fly into Cancun or Cozumel.

    When I flew into Cancun a few weeks ago, the agent in SAGARPA made a point of telling me it was good I had the info because it was now required. My best guess is the offices got slack about enforcing the rule in recent years and have resurrected it. They also seemed to have done away with the USDA vet signature requirement on the international health forms.

    • Kathy Cameron says:

      Not sure I would risk not having it signed…. the vet provides it after the health exam, he should sign it

      • nancy gould says:

        i am not talking about the local vet that does the exam on my dog. he does sign the form. i am talking about sending the form off to a usda vet for a second signature and embossed stamp. if you are using the aphis 7001 form, your local vet signs on the lower right corner and the usda vet on the lower left.

  4. ph1tx says:

    I think that people bringing dogs or pets into Mexico should be charge $25.00 to $50.00 as Entry Fee for animals. Why? because our Malecon and Bacillo Badillo main avenidas in Puerto Vallarta are essentially ” Doggy Bathrooms”. Most, not all, do pick up after the pets, but for liquid wastes , they do not !!! It smells foul and there is a puddle at every corner of every planter and every public bench. Who wants to step in that. I think Mexico could USE the revenue for Entry Fee for animals for good causes. I really don’t want a tick, Lyme disease , fleas ! which are everywhere in PV, or being prompted to sneeze and scratch because of doggie dander ! I don’t like sitting in a chair where a dog’s butt has been seated where he scratches and leaves his scabs. There are 47 different kinds of active mange in PV. There are still street/beach dogs but MOST dogs are owned by tourist. Dogs in a strange place bark to claim their territory in a strange place and if owners leave them they should close the doors and NOT put the dog on the terrace to bark at every bird and passer-by and annoy their neighbors. I don’t relish having Fido at the pool , using the pool area as their bathroom…then we all walk in the grass and jump in the pool, thus doggie wastes are then in the pool. It’s just repulsive. So, charge for fees for Dogs entering Mexico.

    • Baerbel says:

      I wonder how many of the dogs you encounter have been adopted from the area and come back with their new owners to vacation. I also wonder how many of the dog loving people you see have supported local efforts to spay and neuter and therefore reduce pet overpopulation as well as raise awareness of animal welfare.

      • yucalandia says:

        Hi Baerbel,
        This happens more often than some people imagine. (taking strays back to Canada or the USA)

        Yes there are regular spay & neuter programs in both Merida and at the beach.
        Happy Trails,

    • Sounds to me like you are just not too fond of dogs.( neither am I really ) BUT
      I would be willing to bet that for every dog in PV owned by a non-Mexican there are probably 100 owned by, or abandoned by Mexicans that contribute to this problem. Stray/abandoned dogs are endemic in Mexico and if you want to impose fess, start at the root of the problem … with Mexicans who abandon or don’t control their dogs.
      I don’t like the problems caused by dogs that you mention but place blame where it belongs.

    • Reasonable says:

      You are suggesting all dog owners should pay for bad dog owners. Deal with the people and issues that you are talking about, not the masses whom I would would say DO clean up after their dogs. And REALLY, how much of your suggested fee do you think would go towards the pet issues? You are suggestion just another money grab.

  5. ph1tx says:

    Leaving Mexico with our cats in 2006, years ago, my partner went to the vet here to get the documents to return to USA for our 26 lb. cat. and asked if they would do a house call because the cat is Big and difficult to bring. The vet here said, do you have $200 pesos ? He said yes….then the Vet told him to just come upstairs and he’d fill out the forms and sign them. SO, than goodness we had ALL of our proper vaccinations and shots for both cats Before we left USA !! So our cats Were totally Legals.

  6. l3photographer says:

    According to my vet, who has several years of experience preparing his clients to bring dogs and cats to Mexico from NYC, the internal and external parasite treatments are a new requirement, effective January 2017. I am about to use “Option B” in the following link to bring my dog to Mexico. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/regulations/vs/iregs/animals/downloads/mx_pets_dog_cat_upd_12.pdf

  7. yucalandia says:

    Reblogged this on Surviving Yucatan and commented:

    Further Updqate:
    Here’s the USDA APHIS official weblink for requirements for bringing US pets into Mexico: Consider ‘Option B’ …

  8. thank you for all the good information

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