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Proofs of Why COVID Vaccinated People Still Need to Keep Wearing Masks & Socially Distancing

June 30, 2021 Top Scientists have been calling for vaccinated people to continue wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks and Socially Distancing (8ft when indoors without fans), and now, a few Medical Doctors & a few hospitals are finally realizing that … Continue reading

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The Best COVID News in Over a Year

June 27, 2021 Latest fun fun encouraging news on COVID vaccines !The soon to be released-approved “Novavax” appears to be the best current COVID vaccine on the planet … especially in protecting us from all the different new variants of … Continue reading

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Air Conditioning Maintenance for These Hot Hot Times – A DIY Job?

June 27, 2021 How to keep your airconditioner running in peak condition … a Do It Yourself (DIY) job ??? People across social media are now asking what they can do to keep their air conditioners running fine during these … Continue reading

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How Long and How Strong Do Our Immune System Protections Last after a COVID Vaccination or COVID Infection

June 21, 2021 While surveying over 130 COVID, SARS & vaccine scientific reports, we found some interesting results that describe our COVID post-vaccine & post-infection protection levels, including how long & how strong our immune system protections remain from 1 … Continue reading

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June 20, 2021 Troubling COVID Updates for Yucatan State and How to Stay Safe

June 20, 2021 We’ve currently hit the worst COVID outbreak COVID numbers for COVID, with 3051 new confirmed COVID cases here last week, and over 2,000 Yucatecans hospitalized as of yesterday (Saturday).* Because even the best vaccines provide only partial … Continue reading

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What’s it all about … Alfie ?

April 5, 2021 Tick – tock … Tick – tock … Tick – tock … or … ~ Swirling flow ~ … ?? A good friend shared this … which I am stealing … and adding my own Coda, at … Continue reading

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COVID Testing & COVID Vaccine Updates:

June 12, 2021 Update from the June 7 version** COVID Testing & COVID Vaccine Updates:Note that most of the laboratory tests for COVID antibodies are specially designed to ONLY detect COVID antibodies from a natural COVID infectionv (the first topic … Continue reading

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