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New Certified CURP Document for Mexico

Oct. 27, 2021” CURP Certificada” There’s a new document (shown below) for pretty much everyone in Mexico, (except tourists). This new CURP is also for foreigners who have interactions & activities with our Mexican govt, including INM. This new Certified … Continue reading

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Foreigners Must Carry Their INM Visas When Travelling Inside Mexico

Oct 1, 2021 The Mexican Government has always required foreigners to carry their Residente visa cards (Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente cards) when traveling around Mexico, while foreign visitor-tourists carry both their passports and their Visitante Visa (the half of … Continue reading

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USA Passport Renewal by Mail in Mexico

Sept. 30, 2021 Eligible applicants resident in Mexico now may apply to renew their U.S. passport book by mail. Note that renewing passport cards requires scheduling an appointment or using walk-in service where available. ~ ” 1. Application Complete this … Continue reading

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COVID Risks Higher for Young Vaccinated People than for Older Vaccinated People

August 5, 2021 The latest COVID vaccine results out of the UK are striking: ~ Young people (13 – 24 yrs) now have 9X times higher rates of getting COVID than people over age 75, based on PCR testing of … Continue reading

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Super Immunity to All Forms of COVID from Hybrid Vaccination Approach

September 10, 2021 While non-scientist Medical doctors and so many AS SEEN ON TV doctors keep talking about finding finding some magical breakthrough “new vaccine” or new COVID treatment that will stop COVID in the future, it turns out the … Continue reading

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Getting a Copy of Proof of Vaccination in Mexico

July 7, 2021 Here’s a link to the Health Department’s site for printing out your proof of vaccination in Mexico. Be sure to print your certification-proof when the website provides it, because the link expires within 30 min. Note that … Continue reading

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Proofs of Why COVID Vaccinated People Still Need to Keep Wearing Masks & Socially Distancing

June 30, 2021 Top Scientists have been calling for vaccinated people to continue wearing tight-fitting medical grade masks and Socially Distancing (8ft when indoors without fans), and now, a few Medical Doctors & a few hospitals are finally realizing that … Continue reading

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The Best COVID News in Over a Year

June 27, 2021 Latest fun fun encouraging news on COVID vaccines !The soon to be released-approved “Novavax” appears to be the best current COVID vaccine on the planet … especially in protecting us from all the different new variants of … Continue reading

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Air Conditioning Maintenance for These Hot Hot Times – A DIY Job?

June 27, 2021 How to keep your airconditioner running in peak condition … a Do It Yourself (DIY) job ??? People across social media are now asking what they can do to keep their air conditioners running fine during these … Continue reading

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How Long and How Strong Do Our Immune System Protections Last after a COVID Vaccination or COVID Infection

June 21, 2021 While surveying over 130 COVID, SARS & vaccine scientific reports, we found some interesting results that describe our COVID post-vaccine & post-infection protection levels, including how long & how strong our immune system protections remain from 1 … Continue reading

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June 20, 2021 Troubling COVID Updates for Yucatan State and How to Stay Safe

June 20, 2021 We’ve currently hit the worst COVID outbreak COVID numbers for COVID, with 3051 new confirmed COVID cases here last week, and over 2,000 Yucatecans hospitalized as of yesterday (Saturday).* Because even the best vaccines provide only partial … Continue reading

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What’s it all about … Alfie ?

April 5, 2021 Tick – tock … Tick – tock … Tick – tock … or … ~ Swirling flow ~ … ?? A good friend shared this … which I am stealing … and adding my own Coda, at … Continue reading

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COVID Testing & COVID Vaccine Updates:

June 12, 2021 Update from the June 7 version** COVID Testing & COVID Vaccine Updates:Note that most of the laboratory tests for COVID antibodies are specially designed to ONLY detect COVID antibodies from a natural COVID infectionv (the first topic … Continue reading

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COVID Vaccination Plan for Merida – Over Age 59 Residents

April 5, 2021 Our Governator finally issued a new vaccine plan for Merida last night, just in time for this week’s COVID vaccination kick-off for elderly residents. Merida was sent 140,000 doses of the Oxford – AstraZenica vaccine yesterday, so … Continue reading

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How COVID-19 Vaccines Work & How the Vaccines Differ so Widely from Each Other

April 1, 2021 There are many stories floating around Big Media and the Internet about how the COVID-19 vaccines supposedly work, yet, almost all of them have serious flaws, mistaken descriptions, and are missing key information. The Ph.D. Virologist & … Continue reading

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Mexico Starts Program for Vaccinating Elderly People

February 12, 2021Our Mexican Government has announced that they will begin vaccinating elderly people next week. For this reason … if you signed up to get the COVID vaccine, it may be time to TURN-OFF any “call-blocking” features you have … Continue reading

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CDC Reports Delaying Second Dose of COVID Vaccines Up to 42 Days

Feb 2, 2021 The COVID-19 vaccination scheduling procedures have changed significantly this past week for the USA, Mexico, EU & UK. As the vaccine manufacturers are falling behind on delivering their promised doses of COVID-19 vaccines,  national health officials have … Continue reading

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COVID Vaccine Updates & Answers to Questions

March 28, 2021 Latest Vaccination News from Israel:Keep wearing your tight-fitting medical grade masks …  Keep Social Distancing  – 8 – 10 feet with masks off when eating & drinking with others … even after you are vaccinated, because the vaccinations … Continue reading

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USA Requires a Negative COVID Viral Test Result after Jan. 26, 2021 – List of Approved Merida Labs

January 16, 2021Starting Jan. 26, 2021, Airlines flying into the USA will require approved** negative COVID virus testing (approved PCR test results or COVID viral protein antigen test results), with the test being taken no more than 3 days before … Continue reading

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Mexican Government Website to Register to Get the COVID Vaccine

January 13, 2021 We’ve had many people in FB expat groups asking how & when they can get “The Vaccine” here in Yucatan – as they hoped to maybe get it in January or February. There are are 2 websites … Continue reading

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