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Public Service Announcement, December 2018

December 5, 2018 Ho³ ! ! !   *       *       *       * Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan. © Steven M. Fry Read-on MacDuff . . . … Continue reading

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IMSS Now Required for All Domestic Workers in Mexico

December 5, 2018 The Mexican Supreme Court just ruled that IMSS payments are required for all domestic workers.  In a unanimous ruling, Mexico’s Supreme Court issued an amparo, (injunction), ordering the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) to implement a pilot … Continue reading

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Aduana (Progreso) Issues New Form Letter for Extending TIP Permit Expiration Dates

Dec. 12, 2018 Update: Our local Progreso Aduana office has issued a new form letter for extending the expiration date of permits for vehicle’s with TIPs, whose owner is in the process of renewing their Residente Temporal visa.   Context: We … Continue reading

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2018 Mexico Holiday Pay & Mexican Holidays Annual Information

Nov 30, 2018  ~ Guadalupanos ! ~ ~ Posadas de Navidad ! ~ ~ Little kids at your gate … singing “La Rama” ! ~   Mexico’s  holiday seasons are upon us. That also means 3 other things: ~ It’s … Continue reading

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Update to Mexico’s Naturalized Citizenship Exam Requirements

Nov 4, 2018 Update SRE standards have formally settled into foreigners over age 60 not having to take the history, gastronomy, governance, culture exam.   They do however still have to prove Spanish competency, by reading about 4 paragraphs of Spanish … Continue reading

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Native Mexican Corn Farmers Poised to Rock the Farming World

Aug. 21. 11, 2018: Mexico Rocks!       … again. Simple native farmers in the mountains of Oaxaca have grown centuries of 16-foot-tall cornstalks on very poor mountain slope soils. … How? … Illiterate-but-clever native Mexicans have been quietly developing … Continue reading

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Lost or Expired US Passport … Apply for an Emergency US Passport

June 13, 2018 Have you just lost your US passport while traveling … or discovered that your passport expired during your travels? Don’t panic. Go to your nearest US Consulate. Fortunately, they are great about quickly issuing temporary passports, that … Continue reading

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